Criteria for Equipment Grants

We do not give grants to individuals, only to clubs, schools and organisations.  The award must be for a specific purpose, not as a contribution to general funds.

Most of our grants go to UK Rowing Clubs – but we may also support any club or organisation involved in “on water rowing-type” activities.  Recent awards have been made to Gig clubs and Scout groups.  We do not award grants for sailing or swimming.

The maximum grant which we will award to any club, school or organisation is £4,000 in any three year period.  This can be comprised of a single grant or smaller grants aggregated over the period.

Our grants are awarded as a 50% match to the monies spent on the equipment purchased (up to a maximum of £4,000 including VAT).

We prefer to encourage participation in rowing by the young or disabled through the provision of equipment, such as boats, sculls, oars and essential safety equipment.  Coaching, revenue or any commitment requiring long term support are rarely approved.

The Trustees retain absolute discretion when considering grant applications.  Broadly, our support requires that applications must be non-elitist and either for the benefit of young people or those in full time education, or for the disabled.

All equipment purchased under this scheme will be required to display a sticker indicating the contribution of the Rowing Foundation.  We will provide the stickers.

Requirements when Submitting an Application

The Trustees meet three times per year to consider applications received for Equipment Grants.  Their next meeting is in November and the deadline for submitting applications for this meeting is Noon on Monday 4 November 2024.

In order for the Trustees to consider an application, we require:

  • submission of a completed online Application Form (see below)

You may also be asked to provide a set of recent accounts for your Club.

If we award a grant then the Terms & Conditions of the Award must be endorsed by two Officers of the Club/Organisation (Chair, Captain, Secretary, etc).  You will also be responsible for providing proof of invoice(s) and your banking details in a timely manner to the Hon Secretary.

If you have any queries about your potential application then please get in touch via the “Contact Us” page


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